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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Drones, Robotics applications, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robot Operating System (ROS), Humanoid Robotics

About Us

What we do

What we do

PXL AI & Robotics Lab is the research group @ PXL University College, active in the fields of Computer Vision, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The main focus is programming Robots and Vision Systems.

The fundaments of our AI & Robotics Lab were laid out in three research groups: Drones@PXL, FocusVision and AI&Robotics. These converged into this research group that combines the best of the previous work.

New junior researchers join us every year, working hard to lift the research group to the next level.

Interested? Drop us a message and come take a look!


How can we work together?


Our AI & Robotics students are eager to learn more during their 12-week internship. Get in touch and ask us for details about submissions.

Student project

Assemble a team of up to 8 students and let them realize a project within the domain of AI & Robotics during 12 weeks.

Senior researcher project

Discuss interesting ideas with our experienced researchers and look for opportunities to realize them.


Check out our latest projects here. Some are still ongoing.

Our Team

The amazing team that makes all these projects happen!

Tim Dupont

Founder & Senior Researcher Robotics & AI

Bram Heyns

Senior Researcher AI Expert

Sam Vanderstraeten

Senior Researcher AI & Robotics

Sam Van Rijn

Senior Researcher AI & Robotics

Vincent Claes

Senior Researcher Electronics & Machine Learning

Nele Custers

Senior Researcher Planning, Scheduling & Metahueristics

Frederik Vreys

Senior Researcher Electronics & Sensory Data

Nicky Eichmann

Senior Researcher Machine Learning & Autonomous Vehicles

Steven Palmaers

Research Supervisor

Arno Zeelmaekers

Intern Multiagent UAV systems

Wall of Fame | Former interns

Bram Swinnen

Robotics, Simulations, Unity

Nick Indeherberge

Cloud & automation

Toon Elewaut

SLAM & Path Planning

Maarten Bloemen

Face & object detection

Niels Debrier

Computer Vision

Robin Goos

Person Detection & Tracking

Sinasi Yilmaz

Speech Recognition

Kenan Ekici

Voice & Sound Synthesis

Joris Jamers

AR & VR ethousiast

Jasper Szkudlarski

Emergency Response UAV

Maurice Dalderup

Emergency Response UAV

Contact Us

Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in collaborating with us!

AI & Robotics Lab:
iSpace - Corda 7
Kempische Steenweg 293
3500 Hasselt

Secretary & Delivery Address:
PXL University College
Elfde-Liniestraat 24
3500 Hasselt

Contact e-mail:


+32 11 77 52 42 (Wies Bijnens, PXL-Digital)
+32 11 77 54 91 (AI & Robotics Lab @ iSpace)